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Can you tie your shoes?

July 19, 2008

If you are over five years old, you probably would say YES without thinking.

Now If I ask you, how many different ways can you tie your shoelaces? Would you be surprised to know that there are at least 17 Different Ways To Tie Shoelaces? and would you be even more surprised to find out that there are 2 Trillion Lacing Methods? (Note: 34 of them are shown).

Ok, so you may think that the guy who created this site has too much time on his hands, but my point is that:

Sometimes when we know how to do something really well (so much so that we can do it without thinking), we think that this is the only way that it can be done.

How many times are you guilty of thinking that because you know how to do something, then that is the only way that it can be done?

On a different but related note: changing the lacing method of a pair shoes or boots is a free way of giving them a new look and perhaps make them last longer.



Free 4 All Ideas

June 6, 2008

I love free stuff.

Free software (sometimes confused with open source), free will (to take responsibility for your good or bad decisions), free speech (so long as the courts have the freedom to penalize you if you impose on the freedom of others),  free advice (worth every penny you pay for it) and most of all free ideas (the ability to share your ideas and adopt ideas if you agree with them).

I don’t believe that my ideas are any better or worse than anyone else’s, only that I have the freedom to share them, and hopefully allow others to build on them to create even better ones.

My blog entries will tend to be short, because I have a short attention span, and my ideas are simple so they tend not to require in depth explanations.

I truly believe that simple is a worthwhile goal, but that is a subject for a different blog entry, but suffice it to say that if something is complex, you don’t really understand it yet.