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Free shirt (and more)

July 1, 2008

Do you use the Eclipse IDE? (the best Integrated Development Environment that is also FREE)
Do you want a FREE shirt to celebrate the June 25th release of the latest version, Ganymede?

Then go to the Ganymede site, download it, and start using it, then go to Ganymede Around the World Contest and enter your “Informed, insightful, educated review”. You get an Eclipse shirt, and maybe an Eclipse jacket (top 3 reviews or random draw) or even a EclipseCon or Eclipse Summit Europe pass (top review).

The Eclipse team is here in Ottawa, so I think that Ottawa should have the most users, the most reviewers, and the most shirts, but you better hurry. There are a limited number of shirts and the deadline is the end of this month.

My Review

If you are like me whenever a new version of a product comes out, you want to know what has changed and is it worth upgrading. The answer to the second question is YES.

The answer to the first question is MANY, in many different ways, there are:

  • 7 packages (The two new ones are “Eclipse Modeling Tools” and “Eclipse IDE for Java and Report Developers”)
  • 23 projects
    • removed AJDT, and Dash (there is a new proposal)
    • added EMFT, EPP, M2M, Rich Ajax Platform (RAP), and Subversive
  • 4 downloads (the new one is “Linux 64bit”)

The IDE itself has been improved as well:
Workbench changes

  • Platform Changes (including changes to install/update dialog)
  • Search Changes
  • Editor Changes
  • Team/CVS Changes
  • Debug Changes

Java development changes

  • Java Editor
  • Java Refactoring and Source Actions
  • Java Compiler
  • Java Views and Dialogs
  • Java Debugger

Mylyn changes

  • Task List
  • Task Editor
  • Focused UI
  • Bugzilla Connector
  • Trac Connector
  • JIRA Connector
  • Incubator

My only complaint is the difficult in installing “Subversive”, I have been using “Subclipse” for the last few years but since Subversive is now the official SVN client I decide to switch.

The installation instructions are for an older Eclipse version, and didn’t help me. To avoid this problem for others here are the steps that I took (I am assuming that you know how to install Eclipse and use update sites):

  1. Select “Help->Software Updates…” menu
  2. Select “Available Software” tab
  3. Selected “Ganymede Update Site->Uncategorized->SVN Team Provider”
  4. Added the “Subversive SVN connectors update-site” and selected all “Subversive SVN Connectors”
  5. Pressed the “install” button, and followed all the usual instructions
  6. Eclipse rebooted itself, and everything looks better now

All in all, Ganymede looks pretty good, so go give it a try